new year’s angst

December 15, 2010

it’s one of those nights
when Facebook photos
of couples gazing adoringly
into each others’ eyes
sends me into a restless rage
a fit of frustrated destruction
where i just want to hit someone

except really
the person i want to pummel
is myself

another year
another list of broken promises
and another midnight stargaze
to welcome in the cold new year

please excuse me for a bit.
i just need to dash home
for a second, and
smash something.

do you hear Him
little lamb
the Good Shepherd is calling
the One who made you
the One who knitted you together
in your mother’s belly
and guided you across oceans to
your new home
the Faithful One speaks this over you:

do not be afraid
I chose you and redeemed you
I called you by name,
you are Mine

and when the oceans rage
I AM with you in your little boat
amid the dark waves
beneath the wild winds
I hold your hand in the storm
and I will never leave you

when the rivers swell and
every step forward is a risk
I will steady you, and you will
not be swept away

when the world is ablaze
and you are oppressed by its heat
you will not be consumed
the flames will not sear your flesh

for I AM the LORD your GOD
who saves you
and I will exchange empires
to purchase your freedom
to bind you to Myself

for though you are small
though you are weak
though you have nothing to give
you are precious to Me
and I choose to honor you
with My love
and call you to Myself

so be at peace
and fear not.

(is. 43:1-5)


December 3, 2010

gather, my children,
and hear the end of the lesson:

our God is good
our God is GOOD
no one is good except God alone
and God is only good

His justice is good
His mercy is good
His wisdom is good
His wrath is good
His kindness is good
His holiness is good
our God is good

have you known His love?
it is neverending and sure
more certain than the tides
and the course of the stars
the love of God is steady and strong

He said to Moishe
and by that blessed name
we have known him for generations
by the hand of YHWH
we are saved from oppression
by the hand of YHWH
we are freed from slavery
by the hand of YHWH
we are delivered to a good land
and in this land we will dwell
forever in the LORD’s house

the name YHWH is the name of constant truth
a name that carries a history of promises kept
and by that name, by that God, we stand

our God is good
His love is steadfast
His faithfulness is our legacy
and to Him we give our praise
for all generations
forever and ever
until the last star fades
and the only light we see is
the glory of His magnificent
Presence, with us, among us,
the glorious Immanuel.


December 2, 2010

lift up your voices
sons of israel
daughters of zion
we approach the gates
of the holy temple of our God

bring out your offerings
the thanksgiving of a humble heart
a meager gift
(barely a pair of turtledoves)
but our King will accept it
and be pleased

we are walking into His courts
lift up your hearts in praise
o sons of israel
o daughters of zion
children of the covenant
that the Holy One made to our
father Abraham
promising him many sons
and many sons he had
from every nation, tribe, and tongue

give thanks to our Mighty King
and bless His holy name
o sons of adam
o daughters of eve
former children of wrath
redeemed by the
gracious wrath-bearer
the Lamb who was slain before the
foundation of the world
while we were still sinners


December 1, 2010

you are dust
you are dust
you are dust and wind and fire
and then you are gone

you are not god
you are not god
you have no power, no breath, no life
except for that which was given to you

your strength
is not yours
your intellect
is not yours
your talent
is not yours
you are not your own

there is ONE GOD
He is ALMIGHTY over all creation
He fears no disease
He trembles at no armies
even the dark spirits and
the raving forces of utter desolation
shrivel at His approach
for they must obey His every word
though they rage, though they rebel,
they finally fall helpless at His feet

the ONE GOD is the ONLY LORD
the ONE GOD is the ONLY LORD
and there is NO OTHER

the LORD made us
we are His
He may spare us
He may crush us
He may exhale and
make us as nothing
we are at His disposal
dependent on His good pleasure
and because he is GOD
He will do with us as He wills
and what He does is right

but we are not just His people
we are His sheep
His flock
the dumb, blind, helpless animals
He has chosen to care for
to walk among
to lead into good pastures by still waters
to call each by name
the LORD OF ALL LORDS is our shepherd
and we are His sheep.