i need to type something.
i’m tired of being silent.

cubicle seated, craving transcendence
got this itch in my brain that needs scratching

no spendin’-cash until next week
and i start to realize
that i’ve been running from my hunger by
filling my belly and mind with junk food.

something’s wrong–not bad, just off–and i
don’t know how exactly to address this.
so i jump on youtube and distract myself for
another twenty minutes.

people talk about transcendence in music.
i think it happens much less than we think.
we just lie to ourselves and desperately try to
hang on to past magic–a communal decision to pretend
that the Pied Piper’s song is still enchanting,
when really we just follow because we don’t know
what else to do.

(and the chorus swells AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
and the spine tickles
and the man says, children, wake up,
but i don’t think he means it
and it doesn’t really matter
because the feeling fades with the music.)

I’m sorely tempted to
blow my last bit of savings on a cheeseburger
and a movie ticket
so i can disappear for two hours.
but nothing will be different when i get back.
it’s just wasted time trying to avoid the subject.

holy crap this has gotten depressing.

nevermind. life is wonderful,
full of rainbows and puppies
and cotton candy clouds.
carry on.

quick, cue up the music again.