vision in pink

February 21, 2012

i try not to stare
but you don’t make it easy as
you saunter by
a galaxy of tattooed stars
wrapped along the inside of your calf
breaking through the eclipse of your
midnight-black yoga pants

glints on your nose stud as you
suddenly turn my way
i look down
trying to appear engrossed in
my typing
trying to play it cool
and failing

you reach up to adjust your
perfectly beautifully messy
bun of auburn curls
and when you lower your arm
you reveal an owl perched
on your shoulder,
surely the envy of
all Joseph’s brothers
and every winged passenger in
Noah’s floating menagerie.

i’m trying not to stare

but i’m not trying hard enough.


February 20, 2012

feeling much like the dragon
who once had boy-legs and
soft skin, but now bears
unsheddable scales
and nostrils streaming smoke,
hating my reflection and feeling
alienated from the world of honest men

i groan upon my blasted heath
a fool believing the lies of deceiving spirits
and my own greedy heart, giving up hope,
resigning myself to always bear
the wings and webs of shame
the sneering scowl of bitter scorn upon
my unyielding maw.

in the dark, i think
i will never be made whole.

but there in the mists between the world
of disappointment and the realm of dreams,
the Lion waits on
four soft padded paws
bearing strong claws,
standing ready to scrape away
my darkness and rescue me from
the wages of my sin.

and though i know him well
(in my heart more like the second son of Adam
than the one untimely born into this wardrobe world),
i still fear His reproach
and the stern work of His
sharp and loving claws.


February 8, 2012

(I found a few pieces that I wrote a while back and never posted. Figured enough time has passed, so I decided to throw them out there. I’ve marked these older pieces “Post-dated Poetry.”

I guess I feel like I need to add a disclaimer, to assuage worrisome friends, so consider this that. I’m doing okay–if not “good,” at least good enough. But since I hadn’t written anything new in a while, I wanted to give you something new to read. Hope you enjoy.)