there’s something about
the way ben pounds on the keys
as if the notes themselves weren’t
enough to communicate what he’s

then he sings
almost off-handedly at first
as if it weren’t a big deal
just doing my thing
a winking, world-weary voice
until the sound begins to grow
thick with emotional weight

darren and jesse’s harmony weaves
its way around the minor chords
and the backbeats until the chorus
unleashes an emotional explosion
and the lift of “aaaaaaah”
floating up up up

i can’t tell you what the song is about
i have no clue
but i can tell you how it makes me feel

and inexplicably homesick

bad reruns.

September 10, 2012

bad poetry
the overflow of childish disappointment
i’m becoming a bad rerun of
my high-school self.

in tenth grade, i filled notebooks,
chronicling in badly-rhymed lines
how the One
(there have been so many Ones)
chose someone else over me,
leaving me doomed to loneliness.

you’d think that fifteen years
would cure me of such silliness.

but here I am again,
typing and deleting,
over and over,
hoping to find just the right
words to capture the elusive feeling
that’s overtaken me

i’m still sixteen–but a different me.
she’s still the One–yet a different she.
the tune’s the same–the partners change.
(did i say partners? no, we’re “just good friends.”)
and in the end, i resign myself to a lifetime of
Saturday nights spent watching reruns.