ode #4

May 29, 2013

i don’t write for you enough.
please don’t take it personally–i don’t
write for me anymore either.

but i feel i owe you a note or two,
a few lines of insufficient praise
to try to convey my ever-increasing

sweet girl, you are my cool breeze
my waking-up-after-a-Sunday-nap feeling
my roadtrip-karaoke-with-the-windows-down
my gentle-moonlight-dappling-evening-tides

the best of my days are spent in your company,
and when you’re away, you’re not away–
you’re in my heart
my thoughts
my silent prayers of thanksgiving.

there is more to say,
more words to gather and join together
like rolled-up leaves on paper trees.
if you would be kind enough to stay,
i’ll spend as long as it takes to
try to say them all.