note from a phonebooth.

June 14, 2013

in these four glass walls
I spin faster and faster
(changing from mild-mannered to Something More)
preparing to face the enemies that
threaten from all sides, and
in the quiet at the center of the vortex,
i block out the shouts and snarls,
close my eyes and retreat into the
steady hum of my own rotation. in that
swirling stillness, i think of you at your keyboard,
typing, brow creased, intent–
and i smile, because i know that
you’re the hero for many who will never
know my name or see me soar,
and your words are the ones that will
inspire people to step into the light

i want you to know, though you may not
believe it, that you inspire me in more ways
than I can begin to count–you who drew me
away from icy solitude and into the warmth
of the happier sun

i don’t know what’s coming, or what may fall
from the skies, but if need be, i will
face down Doomsday to defend you,
no matter the cost, because to me you are
the jewel of all worlds,
unique and precious and praiseworthy.

One Response to “note from a phonebooth.”

  1. Heidi said

    Or this one… Wow.

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