the first ode (from March 2013)

June 24, 2013

(By request, the poem I wrote three months ago–this is what happens when an English major dates someone incredible…)


“was this the face that launched a thousand ships?”
perhaps, but i know my own little bark is now fully adrift
and i have no one but you to blame,
my helen, my penelope–yet
could you be the promised end to my wanderings,
closing the book on the sirens and scyllas
the cyclopses and calypsos
the almost-but-not-quite nausicaa’s
that have plagued my battered, storm-tossed heart
and left me clinging to driftwood
and praying for home?
if only there were a Chorus to confirm what my
too-frequently-confused heart
now holds resolutely to be true,
i could raise my arms in defiance
of all the lesser gods and monsters
that presume to stand between me and thee,
mistress of my bright hope.

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