my heart is on an airplane

June 25, 2013

my heart is on an airplane headed north
and yet my soul still sings, because You
are my true strength and best song.
and when i am with her, I praise You
and when i am away from her, I seek You
and when i remember her kindness, i see
a glimpse of Your generous provision of
words to buoy my sinking heart
hope to lift my doubting eyes
warmth to dispel my chilly isolation–
gifts that point to a gracious Giver.

for You are my greatest desire,
and so she must never be, for
she was never meant to bear
all my hope and need and weakness–
the shoulders meant to carry those
burdens bore cross-timber and sin-weight
in my stead.

all she must be is a signpost of glory
a shadow of the brighter promise
a joyous reminder of my joyful final home
and in her arms, i am both known and still waiting
to be known fully by my soon-returning King.

my heart is on an airplane headed north,
and when she returns, we will praise our
beloved King together and anticipate the
beauty of His arrival.

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