“verbal birthday card.”

June 26, 2013

how did this magic come to be
that my hand bonds to yours
so naturally, like magnets
drawn together by
invisible forces, lines
of indelible attraction
pulling each constantly
toward the other?

it may be the same enchantment
that now makes me take notice of
blue mason jars and
giraffes and daisies, when
i’d never before given them
a second thought.

i find myself collecting keepsakes,
ticket stubs and playbills and postcards
in a blue lunchbox (bigger on the inside–
which is also how my heart feels lately,
swelling with each new wave of affection).

today, i celebrate you, my dear.
i never expected, a year ago,
that a sweltering Wednesday in
this hothouse June
could mean as much to me
as this day
your day

One Response to ““verbal birthday card.””

  1. Nico Teop said

    very well written dear friend

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