December 4, 2013

take my hand and walk outside
open your eyes and look up–
do you see the stars? how they twinkle?
beloved, i love you like the stars love shinin’
burning bright in their courses as they spin and fly;
that’s the way my heart is when i see your smile:
blue flame explosions.

and when the dawn comes and you
go about your business under the golden fire
of our loving sun, remember that i am a lesser light
still shining out there in the haze behind his rays
and even when you can’t see my eyes,
trust and believe that i burn for you.

and one night, when it’s dark,
much too dark to see your way forward,
don’t be afraid, my love–just look up
and find me, out there in the distance,
close enough to touch,
burning, pining, perishing;

i will help you find home.